The global HYROX community is at the heart of who we are and what we do. Whether you are a HYROX athlete, a judge, a volunteer or a partner gym, the #HYSOCIETY is what unites us as we strive to create new passions, build new friendships and promote a healthy lifestyle around the world.


There is no greater feeling than preparing for your HYROX race, crossing that finish line in style and being welcomed to the #HYSOCIETY. We have seen HYROX athletes travelling to race at events all around the globe whilst exploring new cities and spending time with HYROX friends.

Partner Gyms

Joining the #HYSOCIETY can start at one of our HYROX partner gyms. The essence of community is what makes each partner gym stand out, through training together, racing with purpose and determination, supporting each other through the tough moments and most importantly having fun.


On average, 2.500 athletes attend each HYROX Race. Our volunteers are an integral part of the HYROX crew at each event and help to ensure a smooth & unforgettable athlete experience. Whether you want to be in the heart of the action in the workout zone or prefer to be more backstage, HYROX has a fun role for you.


Hundreds of people with a love for fitness have joined up with HYROX to help judge our athletes at events around the world. Although accessible to everybody, HYROX is a competitive sports event with World Records, Championship Titles and Personal Bests at stake. With a pool of highly qualified HYROX judges around the world, the Sport of Fitness has been created.

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