Judge Crew

Be part of the action

Be part of the action

We are looking for HYROX Judges to help us at our events across the country. Whether you have a strong affinity to functional fitness, you love the vibe and energy of mass participation sporting events, you have friends racing or you simply want to get involved, we have a role for you. Our events wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated supporters, so a massive thank you to you all!

Get Involved

Get involved in HYROX by judging and supporting the athletes during their race! You stay within the workout zones and make sure that the regulations and movement standards are being followed. This is as close to the action as you can get!

Working Hours

Depending on the number of participants, the race day will typically start at 07:00 am until approx. 07:00 pm. On long race days, HYROX operates morning and afternoon shifts.


  • Free race entry to a future HYROX race or an hourly wage
  • Free Judge T-Shirt
  • Be part of an unforgettable event atmosphere
  • Join the #HYROXFAMILY


Send an email to judgecrew@hyrox.com and we will help you to become a part of HYROX.

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